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Gira IP Router

Gira IP Router

The Gira IP Router is a multi function device with some additional features so it is important to read and understand the manual.

The device has two applications in ETS, one for the IP router and one for the data logger and time function.

Both applications need to be installed in ETS then assigned separate physical addresses as per the manual. Because KNX IP Routers function as line or area couplers, this application will need to have a device address of x.0.0 or x.x.0 and the routing table considered. The data logger application can have any address, not the line.

The IP router uses KNXnet/IP routing (multicast) to allow it to communicate with other KNX routers, but it will also support the underlying KNXnet/IP tunnelling function for point to point connections. This can be used up to 5 times if a local address can be assigned to each connection such as in ETS5.

There are multiple firmware versions which can be updated via a firmware update tool available on the Gira website.