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Integration of Somfy blinds with RTS

It is possible to control a wide range of Somfy motorised blinds with a KNX control system, however there are different solutions depending on the blinds installed.  Proprietary RTS wireless control from Somfy can be integrated into a KNX system, though with added complication compared to standard wired technology motors.  So, the obvious advice is to keep it simple if possible, but if not, then here are some tips, starting with the direct control method.

1. Typical direct control of motors

230V or 24V motors, Somfy or others, are wired directly to KNX actuators, typically mounted in the distribution board (3wire from KNX actuator to each blind for 230V (common and 2 x switched live) or 2wire for 24V (reverse polarity for direction)).

Blinds actuators are controlled with an UP/DOWN telegram which begins the travel of the motor in either direction.  The travel is stopped using a STOP telegram. Blind motors have internal limit switches to allow for overrun.  

This method is simple and the most commonly used in KNX installations.

2. RS485 motors

Control Somfy motors that have RS485 connection on the motor direct from a KNX bus using a Somfy KNX interface.  The KNX RS485 Motor Controller enables the controlling of up to 18 motors. The motors can be controlled either individually or by groups.  RS485 motors can be connected via bridging adapter. Different motor types can be used.

1860286 KNX RS485 Motor Controller Wall Mount (new product)

3. RTS controlled blinds

Where Somfy RTS (wireless) controlled motors are included in a project that you want to control from KNX, then you need the Somfy RTS-RS485 interface controlled by a KNX device with RS485 output such as the ELKA 13516101

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