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KNX Remote access using the Gira S1

GIRA S1 208900
Gira S1 208900 for KNX remote access

Using the Gira S1 it is possible to remotely access the KNX installation. This can either be done via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) or using the standalone Gira Remote access application.

Using the GPA is the easiest method particularly if you are using other Gira devices such as the S1 or L1. In the project scope you will need to enable remote access then enter the device ID and activation key which you can generate in the Gira portal under the remote access tab. 

To enable the connection open the GPA project and select the remote connection at the top. You will now be able to connect to Gira devices remotely and in ETS any available IP interfaces in the project will be visible with the Prefix 'GPA -'.

Configuring GPA for Remote Access
Configuring GPA for Remote Access

Remote connection can also be made using the standalone Gira S1 Windows Client. You will need to enter your login details to the Gira Portal then remote connections will be available to connect to. 

In the settings you can enable support for ETS and change the prefix that will be added to found devices. You can also enable support for configuring the Gira Homeserver remotely or accessing IP devices on the remote network.

More information and the windows clients can be found on the Gira Support Site by searching for S1.

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