Product Guide

System Design Guide for the Gira Door Communication System

The Gira Door Communications System (DCS) is straightforward and with the correct preparation and pre-planning you will have a successful installation.


The Gira DCS is a digital system so all control signal, audio, video and power runs down 2 cores. We recommend using KNX cable throughout the installation as this ensures the best fidelity for your call quality. KNX cable has 2 pairs however as only one is used for the door communication bus, the other is available for supplementary use.


All wiring should return to a control unit which will need to be mounted centrally in a cupboard or distribution board. This unit requires a 230V supply and provides connections for a door release. The only connections needed at the external door station(s) and internal home station(s) is the door communication bus.

Star wiring is always recommended which means running a cable from each unit back to the central control unit. 


If it is as an audio only system then each home station can be connected directly to the bus connection on the  audio control unit.

For a video system, video distributors are required to combine the signals from each home station before connection to the video control unit. Without these ghosting can occur on the display.

These units have 1 BUS input and 3 BUS outputs. The outputs are connected directly to a video home station or used to link multiple video distributors together to increase the number of video home stations as per the above diagram.

Door Release

The audio and video control units both support electric and electromagnetic door locks as they have pulsed and a permanent outputs.

For locks that require a short pulse to open the control units have a 12V output with an adjustable pulse time. This is the more common lock type in residential applications.

For locks that require a constant voltage the control units have a permanently on 12V output. An additional DCS switching actuator is required to interrupt this supply as per the diagram below.

This covers the most common installations of the Gira Door Communication System. For more advanced system or further advice, please get in touch via chat, email or phone.

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