Product Guide

Temperature Probes

There are two types of temperature probes commonly used with KNX sensors - PT1000 and NTC.

PT1000 is a standardised resistance temperature detector and reads 1000Ω at 0°c. If a KNX input uses PT1000 you can use a PT1000 probe from any manufacturer.

NTC, or Negative Temperature Coefficient, probes are not standardised so have different resistance profiles. They are however cheaper to produce and require simpler electronics than PT1000's so are quite common. It is critical to use the manufacturer provided probe if the sensor uses NTC.

  • Zennio - newer products such as the QuadPlus and RailQuad 8 also support 3rd party NTC probes
    • The resistance of the probe at three temperatures points needs to be set in the ETS parameters.

  • Arcus products use standardised PT1000 probe

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