Product Guide

Using the Data Logger Function of the Gira IP Router

The GIRA IP Router has an additional ability to record the KNX bus telegrams to a memory card. This is a useful feature when troubleshooting an installation or returning to site after an absence as it can be set to constantly record.

To enable this you need to make sure you have both applications loaded into ETS KNX/IP router and router applications (previously called- data logger / clock).

In the parameter pages of the router application you can enable the data logger and define the behaviour once the memory card is full. It can either overwrite the oldest recorded telegrams or stop recording and send a message on the bus notifying you it has reached capacity.

On the device is a slot for a micro SDHC card which needs to be foraged as FAT32 and not bigger than 32GB.

Once recording has taken place remove the memory card and extract the log using a standard card reader. This log can then be imported into ETS using the group monitor.

One consideration is there are no settings to limit the size of the log. A 32GB memory card could hold in excess of 200 million telegrams. Using a smaller memory card is advised to prevent ETS failing to load the log file.

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