Vari KNX 3L - KNX Sensor measuring brightness
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ELSNER 70382

Vari KNX 3L - KNX Sensor measuring brightness

Product code: 70382
The sensor Vari KNX 3L for the KNX building bus system measures brightness.

All values can be used for the control of limit dependent switching outputs. States can be linked via AND logic gates and OR logic gates. Multi-function modules change input data as required by means of calculations, querying a condition, or converting the data point type. The compact housing accommodates the sensors, evaluation circuits and bus-coupling electronics.

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  • Brightness measurement: The current light intensity is measured by three sensors. Of the three measurement values, the maximum value or a calculated mixed value can be output optionally
  • Switching outputs for all measured and computed values. Threshold values can be adjusted per parameter or via communication objects
  • 8 AND and 8 OR logic gates, each with 4 inputs. All switching events as well as 16 logic inputs (in the form of communications objects) can be used as inputs for the logic gates. The output of each gate can be configured optionally as 1-bit or 2 x 8-bit
  • 8 multi-function modules (computers) for changing the input data by calculations, by querying a condition or by converting the data point type
  • Configuration is made using the KNX software ETS.

Technical Details


Housing: Plastic
Colour: White / Translucent
Assembly: Surface mount
Protection category: IP 44
Dimensions: approx. 65 × 80 × 30 (W × H × D, mm)
Weight: approx. 60 g
Operating voltage: KNX bus voltage
Bus current: max. 20 mA
Data output: KNX +/- bus connector terminal
Measurement range brightness sensor: lux … 150,000 lux
Ambient temperature: Operation -30…+50°C, Storage -30…+70°C. Avoid condensation
Communication objects: 274



Technology KNX
brand Other

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