Universal IR Air Conditioner to WiFi (ASCII) Interface
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Universal IR Air Conditioner to WiFi (ASCII) Interface

Product code: INWMPUNI001I000
The Universal InfraRed (IR)-ASCII gateway allows a complete and natural integration of any Air Conditioner unit (with an infrared receiver) into IP based Home Automation Systems.

The previous part number for this item was IS-IR-WMP-1, IBWMPUNI001I000

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The gateway is wired directly to an indoor unit. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint, but the monitoring of errors and alarms.

The Intesis WiFi gateways have been specifically designed to be the best AC integration solution for Home Automation Systems. Communications are based on a simple ASCII protocol that can be easily implemented, in the form of a driver, into Home Controllers or Smart Hubs. With drivers already available from many Home Automation platforms on the market, Air Conditioning units can be easily integrated and controlled.


  • Intuitive web interface for the WiFi configuration.
  • b/g/n WiFi standards supported.
  • Quick and easy installation (plug and configure the WiFi).
  • Auto-Learn function to automatically set the IR remote controller configuration.
  • Simultaneous control of the AC unit by the IR remote controller and by Home Automation systems.
  • Integration with any IP Home Automation System thanks to the open ASCII protocol.
  • Compatible with the drivers available on the Intesis website

Technical Details


Enclosure: ABS (V-0, 5VB). 2,1 mm thickness - PC (V-2). 1mm thickness

Dimensions: 81 x 78 x 28 mm

Weight: 76g

Colour: White

Power supply: 5VDC 0,2 A NEC Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS) and SELV

Radio Parameters:

RF Frequency range: 2412 to 2497 MHz

Output power (average): 8 dBm (Modulated signal at antenna port; 11Mb/Sec.)

Mounting: Wall

LED indicators: 1 x Device status

Operating Temperature: From 0¼C to 40¼C

Operating humidity: <93% HR, no condensation

Stock humidity: <93% HR, no condensation

RoHS conformity Compliant with RoHS directive (2011/65/EU)



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