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Intesis WMP interfaces for Fujitsu AC models depending on supplied 2- or 3-wire wall controllers

It is not always easy to tell whether Intesis gateways can be easily connected to newer model Fujitsu AC units.  There is no indication from the Fujitsu model number if the acceptable wall controller (and therefore the Intesis unit) is a 2- or 3-wire version.  This depends on what wall controllers are supplied with the AC unit. Only by knowing the wall controller type can you see if connection is possible.

Older Fujitsu units use the 3-wire configuration and the Intesis gateways are fully compatible.

Newer Fujitsu units have a 2- or 3-wire option for connection of the Fujitsu wall controllers, that is selected with a DIP switch in the AC unit. 

  • If no wall controllers are being used in the installation, select 3-wire, and connect the Intesis gateway.
  • If the supplied wall controllers are 3-wire type and the DIP switch is selected as a 3-wire type then the Intesis gateway will work.
  • If the supplied wall controllers are 2-wire type then the Intesis gateway CANNOT be installed. 

Latest compatibility list can be found <here

If you have any doubt please send us the model numbers of the Fujitsu indoor AC units AND the supplied wall controllers and we will confirm compatibility with the Intesis gateway.

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