Case Study

‘Driftwood Cottage’ | a residential refurbishment

Extensive refurbishment of a 1926 New Zealand villa, including a complete rewire, was the ideal opportunity to include the KNX control system and create a contemporary living environment in a traditional skin.

Whole building
‘Central off’ by front door turns whole house into standby mode, and ‘Welcome’ function illuminates a pathway from door-to-kitchen on reentry.

‘Goodnight’ switch by master bed puts house ‘to sleep’, except bedrooms – lights, heating, music, remote office.

All lights switch on if smoke alarm triggers.

All lights controlled (22 switched and 20 dimmed circuits). Mostly LED.

Scene recall and setting in living and master bed.

Colour of LED strip in ceiling beam simply controlled with Sentido sequencer.

Internal and external lights controlled with presence detectors.

Different levels for day and night mode.

Heating/ Cooling
Heat pump control from touchscreen – with timers. No need for remote.

Heat transfer fan-speed controlled dependent on living room temperature.

Kitchen/ Living blinds automated with twilight sensor, timer and button.

Sun angle tracking sequences blinds to reduce glare on bright days.

Control of two Sonos wireless zones from Basalte switch, Z41 screen and Sonos app, with content feedback.

Switched off from Goodnight switch.

Bathroom & Toilet
Lights turn off if no presence for five minutes.

Fans operate on high humidity (when shower used).

Heated towel rail timed each morning and manual override.

Wall heater timed for morning start when cold outside.

Weather station above roofline measures temperature, wind speed, brightness, sun-angle, and rain and can be seen on Z41

Energy monitoring – instantaneous and kWh meter shows how much energy is being used, shown on Z41 and Homeserver interface

Zennio Z41 4.1” touch-screen on living wall for full control locally and over internet.

Gira Homeserver – visualization, graphing, trending, sequencing of blinds. 

Satel KNX gateway turns on lights in alarm event and uses garage sensors for occupancy.

House put in Standby mode when alarm set.

KNX equipment in the panel and on the walls is connected with KNX cable.

Qty Item Manufacturer Description
1 108600 Gira KNX PSU 320mA
3 DMG2T Theben 2 x 300W dimmer actuator
6 DME2T Theben 2 x 300W dimmer actuator
2 RMG8T Theben 8 x 10A relay actuator
1 JMG4 Theben 4ch blind actuator
1 RC/A 4.2 ABB Room control actuator
1 216700 Gira IP Router – connection between KNX and Ethernet
1 Sonos Bridge ISE KNX Sonos interface – control of Sonos from KNX
1 Meteodata Theben Weather station – mounted on roof
6 513300 Gira E22 white 6 button switches
4 513100 Gira E22 white 2 button switches
1 Sentido Baslate 4 button switch white – touchswitch
1 Deseo Basalte Room controller white – touchswitch with screen
1 Z41 Zennio Touchscreen – remote access
1 HS4 Gira Homeserver4
1 IRSC Zennio Heatpump controller – IR controller
2 180-02 Basalte Motion/ temp sensor - Light dependent presence detection in bathroom/ toilet
1 Sphinx105 Theben External motion sensor

Equipment                           $18,500 retail price from Ivory Egg

Installation                           $10,000 local electrician incl. other wiring accessories

Commissioning                    2 days

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