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Kingston upon Thames | Superb Lighting

This project in Kingston upon Thames is a huge, modern house with an outstanding infrastructure including a gym, wine cellar, cinema, swimming pool and fully automated bowling alley. The family’s requirement for an easy system to control all technical aspects of the house, such as lighting, heating and control of the window shadings, made it clear that KNX would be the perfect solution and KNX Controls were selected to design and deliver the project. 

From the start of the project it was obvious that lighting would be fundamental to creating the desired atmosphere in the house and to ensure rooms could be used in all conceivable situations from family time to fully ‘party mode’. It was also essential to showcase the impressive internal and external architecture of the house. 

Superb lighting with simple handling 

The lighting design was completed by KNX Controls and the final design includes a variety of luminaries including superb quality LED, cold-cathode and halogen. Thanks to KNX all lights can be individually and easily dimmed with just one touch on a button in every room – and this from all family members no matter what age. 

New superb lighting in the kitchen, entry hall, bath room and bowling alley

Heating integrated in KNX system 

The integration of heating into the KNX system gives the family complete control of every room as well as centrally being able to monitor and track the performance of the system. The driveway heating is also integrated into the KNX system, when temperature falls below freezing point the integrated heating loops are turned on until the driveway is free from snow and ice. 

Intelligent window shading 

Window shading is also controlled from the KNX system. Automatic blinds are used to regulate internal temperature, adjusting how much light enters during the day, and automatically lowering at dusk for privacy. This is all made possible from a KNX weather station on the roof top which also provides information to rest of the KNX system. In case of a fire, the integrated smoke detectors will turn all lights on and raise the blinds to allow a safe and fast egress. And best of all, the shades can still be controlled simple from just one keypad. 

The Benefits 

Since the project has been completed the system has proved reliable and efficient. The KNX installation has given the family the desired simplicity to control lighting, heating and window shading with just a few simple keypads yet still gives them all advanced control and automation a house of this size and quality deserves.

The project was implemented by KNX Controls

KNX Controls are system integrators and lighting designers with over 15 years experience.

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