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Gira update the X1 Server with new features

In the last few weeks Gira have released a major update to the X1 KNX server adding a host of new features, functions and bug fixes.

The update requires the latest versions of the Gira Project assistant (2.4) and is available from the Gira download site.

New Functions

  • Remote access via Gira S1 or ise smart connect KNX remote access removing the need for a VPN or Open Ports
  • RGBW Colour and Tuneable White Colour temperature control
  • Air conditioner control for KNX gateways with five favourite settings
  • Sauna function
  • Audio control with media support and playlists over KNX
  • Button (Press/Release)

Updated Functions
  • Dimmer and dimmer (step size) functions consolidated
  • Camera now supports password
  • Thermostat can be changed from heating to cooling and configured for set point change only (Absolute mode only)
  • Extend value transmitters and Timers on all functions inc temperature and percentage  transmitter

Other Changes

  • Demo mode without connection to X1 (Only in German)
  • PIN protection for system menu
  • Diagnostic page requires user name and password
  • Status view – folder view
  • Functions have room name when viewed from trades folder

Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling functions of the value transmitter did not stop at the target value when operated quickly
  • Symbols selected in GPA were not displayed in the Gira X1 app in a few cases
  • After restarting X1, it was possible that the configuration of the Gira X1 app would not load
  • The heating function could no longer be used if the min./max. values were incorrectly configured
  • Logic functions were read from the bus even without activating the "read from the KNX bus" parameter 
  • The "Delete all data points" function was missing from the scene set.

For help on updating to the latest version check out this support article.

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