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Certified KNX training dates announced for Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney

The four-day KNX Certification course equips new engineers with background knowledge about the KNX protocol, programming and commissioning skills, and opportunity to test a range of products from many manufacturers. It includes KNX theory and practical training in ETS (the independent programming tool).

This course is concluded with an exam on the last day and a path to Partner Status, which includes representation on the KNX website and the right to join the national association. 

Custom made training cases are provided for the practical activities. You will need to bring a laptop with you to use during the course for the programming element of the theoretical training.

  • Melbourne - Nov 14th - 17th - 2017
  • Perth - Dec 5th - Dec 8th - 2017
  • Brisbane - Jan 30th - Feb 2nd - 2018
  • Sydney  - Feb 13th - Feb 16th - 2018
  • Melbourne - Mar 13th - 16th - 2018

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