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Gira Launch KNX DALI Gateway Tunable White Plus

Gira KNX DALI Gateway Tunable White Plus
Gira KNX DALI Gateway Tunable White Plus (210800)

The new Gira DALI Gateway introduces control of DALI ballasts and fittings that are Device Type 8. This allows control of the colour temperature making it possible to create human centric lighting based on the time of the day and room requirements. Colour temperature has a direct impact on our bio-rhythms so by controlling it as part of an intelligent lighting systems it is possible to influence the mood and behaviour of those in the room.

Via KNX the Gateway can change the colour temperature of DALI groups or individual addresses, or the integrated timer can be used to fully automate the system.

It is also possible to link the colour temperature with the brightness value making it possible to mimic the dimming characteristic of more traditional light sources such as incandescent. Colour temperature can also be linked to scenes or sequences taking the creation of lighting effects to another level. 

Supporting a full DALI universe of 64 devices and the possibility to mix individual and grouped DALI commands, the gateway is very flexible and suited to both residential and commercial projects.

Although we recommend only using certified DALI ballasts the gateway has functions to increase the likelihood that non-certified ballasts will work. Programming is completed via an ETS plugin that has also had an update to make commissioning simpler.

Systems that have central emergency batteries are supported, however for single battery powered emergency lighting the existing DALI gateway plus (2180 00) can be used. 

The Gateway is shipping now and more information on the feature can be found on the product page.

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