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Theben KNX Actuators Manual Mode

Theben RMG 16 T Manual Mode
Theben RMG 16 T Manual Mode

Theben Actuators have a unique function which allows the device to be locked into manual mode preventing KNX telegrams from controlling the device. Whilst this can be useful in some circumstances it can also cause issues when pushed inadvertently as it will appear that the device has stopped operating. 

When in manual mode the device will still respond to alarm and priority telegrams and it can be reset by either pressing the button again, or using the 'reset manual mode' object if this has been assigned to a group address.

It is possible to disable the manual button in the ETS parameters by changing the function to locked as per the below image. This is recommended unless there is a specific reason for leaving the manual button active. 

Theben Actuator Manual Mode
Change Manual Mode to Locked to Disable

The normal channel control buttons on the front of the unit will continue to work even if manual mode has been disabled.