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Beckhoff commercial automation systems with Faradite motion sensors

Commercial automation projects often choose Beckhoff as their preferred automation solution. The Beckhoff I/O range of bus terminals includes many digital and analogue input modules that integrate easily with the Faradite range of Motion Sensor 360s.

In this post, we will demonstrate how two of the Beckhoff modules connect with the Faradite 360 Motion Sensor range. 

Note: the Faradite 360 Motion Sensors are available either as motion only sensors (M360-X-VOLF and the M360-IP-X-VOLF) or as brightness and motion devices (M360-W-0-10v). 

Digital Input Module - BECKHOFF KL1154 (4-channel digital input)

The 4-channel digital input, 24 V DC, 3 ms, positive/ground switching is the Beckhoff module to use with all of the volt free (dry contact) sensors in the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 range. 

The KL1154 digital input terminal accepts binary 24V DC control signals. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ terminals to provide the sensor with the 24V DC power. The sensor will also require the +24 V DC to be supplied to one side of the motion sensor output. Connect the other side of the sensor output to the relevant input on the digital input module (KL1154). The diagram below shows the sensor connecting to input 1 on the Beckhoff module. 

When the sensor detects motion, the output will switch 24V DC to the digital input of the Beckhoff KL1154 which is commissioned with the Beckhoff commissioning software. 

Analogue Input Module - BECKHOFF KL3064 (4 channel analogue input)

The KL3064 is a 4-channel analogue input module that accepts 0-10V analogue inputs, making it perfect for the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 - 0-10V sensor. As this analogue module only accepts 0-10V inputs, it must be used alongside a KL1154 for the motion sensor output of the M360-W-0-10V.

Power is provided to the motion sensor from the ‘+’ and ‘-’ terminals on the KL1154. It is essential to common the ground between the KL1154, the KL3064 and the sensor. Connect the ‘M’ output to the KL1154 input (shown below connected to input 1). The ‘L’ output of the sensor connects to the analogue input module (shown below wired to input 1).

For integrators of Beckhoff automation systems, the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 range provides some excellent motion sensor solutions. All the Faradite Motion Sensors are available in either black or white. Click here for the Faradite range.

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