Product Spotlight

Elsner KNX Tank Sensors

The Elsner Ultrasonic Probes/Sensor package KNX SO250 is designed to measure the fill level of liquids in tanks and for distance measurement applications, for example, the parking distance of trucks from a loading dock.

The sensors can be used for monitoring water storage tanks, reservoirs, ponds, oil tanks and any other non-corrosive liquid storage applications. The head is resistant to:

  • heating
  • oil 
  • water 

The KNX ETS software allows individual parameterisation for all bus functions of the KNX SO250 sensor packages, with five variable thresholds for filling, emptying, dry running protection and overflow alarm. 


The KNX SO250 premium DIN sensor unit has an on-board display, which can indicate fill level/distance data and an integrated keypad for local programming of tank dimensions and the setup of the two relay switched outputs. When the relays are switched an additional acoustic alarm can be emitted, if required. 

The Elsner KNX SO250 premium DIN sensor - click image to view in store
The Elsner KNX SO250 premium DIN sensor


The KNX SO250 basic DIN sensor unit has no onboard display, no output relays and no local programming controls.

The Elsner KNX SO250 basic DIN sensor
The Elsner KNX SO250 basic DIN sensor 


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