Product Spotlight

KNX Weather Stations

It’s coming to the time of year where we would all like to know what it’s like outside. Do I just need a jumper or a drizabone? Shall I bring a brolly, or some sunglasses instead? Not only that, but factors like external temperature, rain level, frost, wind direction can all play their part in how a building should react to these variables.

I designed and commissioned a KNX system that would read wind speed and direction to calculate which of 4 louvres, situated on top of a building, would open to allow air to flow through the building. However when rain was present, these louvres would close, allowing an air handling unit to take over, so people didn’t get soaked whilst eating lunch!

Understanding external conditions and how they affect buildings, allows us to design effective control systems to counter, or use to our advantage, the effects of the weather outside.

Not only for the reasons above, but weather data is really interesting for end users to have displayed on a screen in their home. It brings a sense of knowing and satisfaction for clients to know their home is able to adapt to the conditions outside. 

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