Product Spotlight

Gira 106 - a new concept in door access

Gira have finally released the much-anticipated System 106; a brand new door station that makes their door communication solution one of the best looking in the industry.

The System 106 offers something for those already familiar with Gira’s door communication systems, as well as for integrators looking to develop their offering. It is compatible with existing Gira installations as well, meaning it’s a great option for upgrading.

The System 106 has a number of robust features that will put it at the forefront of your door communication solutions. The installation options alone make the System 106 an easy decision. The door station is surface mounted, allowing for quick and simple installation, and avoids the complications of cutting a perfectly accurate hole in the wall for the unit to sit in. Another great feature is that unlike Gira’s popular stainless steel units, the setup is modular in nature allowing for bespoke configuration of units, catered uniquely to your project. 

Finally, the technology remains at the high calibre that you have come to expect from Gira. A redesign of their camera units has resulted in a slick, black glass appearance free of the usual camera ‘domes’ that you see on countless legacy systems. The push buttons have evolved too; embracing state of the art touch sensitive technology.

Gira System 106
How the camera module is assembled

In conjunction with Gira’s already impressive door communications system, the System 106 is an excellent addition to your access solutions. Combining intelligent technology with a modular profile, it allows you to create a truly bespoke offering. 

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