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Nube iO - LoRa remote sensing and controls using IoT

Nube iO is an Australian manufacturer of hardware and cloud solutions to gather and analyse building data from assets to environments.  With over 15 years’ experience in BMS and HVAC industries, Nube iO are experts in the smart buildings sector.  

Nube iO is an IoT data aggregation, controls and integration system that utilises wireless technologies like LoRa to provide a ‘data pipe’ from the building to the cloud. All of the data from the building is gathered by an IoT gateway, and then made available through cloud-based analytics applications as specified by the client. 

The controllers from Nube iO communicate in both industry standard protocols (Modbus, BACnet and IP) as well as web-based protocols, allowing for integration with 3rd party third party BMS solutions to control and monitor building assets without having to re-cable or replace existing hardware.

The Nube iO IoT solution is unique in comparison to traditional automation solutions, as it was designed to be scalable and economic for building portfolios with distributed infrastructure through the use of wireless and internet ready technologies. The solution enables portfolio managers to streamline their data into one application and analyse it centrally.

Ivory Egg provides the hardware and design solution for customers.  The cloud data analysis is built and licensed from Nube iO, or customers can select their own preferred 3rd party platform. The complete package is cost effective and simple to install.

IoT Security:  LoRa is a wireless radio protocol used to transmit data. The device messages use AES-128 encryption and messages can only be decoded by Nube iO hardware. LoRa RAW transmission utilises a private network and provides impressive penetration in commercial environments.

The Droplet sensor: Nube iO Wireless IoT sensors come in 3 models with features for gathering readings of temperature, humidity, light and motion. The sensor has been built to address the problem of wanting multiple points of data capture with minimal time for installation and wiring. 

Some benefits:

●       Monitor environment conditions and know when people enter your building

●       Fast and simple installation

●       Transmission range: 2km line of sight or 100m in a dense environment

●       Power: Battery powered using 3x AA batteries

●       Transmission protocol: LoRa transmission (868/915Mhz)

●       Life span: 7-10 years dependent on push rate and environmental condition

The Rubix Compute series: a powerful, low-cost IoT gateway that aggregates all types of building data, removing the frustration of running multiple gateways in one solution.

●       Integrate into any BMS

●       Receive 3 different wireless signals

●       LoRaWAN, 3G/4G, ethernet or satellite connectivity (availability differs)

●       Convert Modbus & BACnet to wireless

●       Wireless communication between Nube iO Devices

Please register for our first online webinar with Nube iO on the 12th of May at 5pm AEST here

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