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Sagar Smart Homes Wins 'Best International Project' Award

The Melbourne Super Home project completed by Sagar Smart Homes wins the industries most prestigious award, ‘Best International Project’ at the KNX Awards 2016. The awards recognise outstanding design and integration across residential, commercial and public building projects through 2015. For the fourth consecutive year the awards were presented at KNX Top Event at Light + Building 2016.

Image from the KNX Association

The project, a 3000 sqm family home was designed to provide off grid living, whilst boasting an abundance of luxury through some of the worlds most advanced technology. It was key for the home automation system to cater to the luxury the owners were accustomed to, whilst managing and maintaining the available energy sources.

KNX was used throughout the property providing a unified platform, integrating every mechanical and electrical element of the project seamlessly. The flexibility of KNX made the customers dream of off grid living possible. The protocol allowed for constant monitoring and access to the solar generation, providing calculations and real-time metrics such as temperature and more, all as part of the energy strategy. The project used also made use of an IP backbone giving Sagar Smart Homes the ability to monitor and maintain all elements of the project remotely and securely.

Basalte Sentido, Basalte Auro and Gira Control 19

These products amongst others realised intelligent building control including; lighting integrated with DALI control, shutter control with solar tracking with over eighty independently motorised curtains.  Heating, ventilation and air conditioning cover every square foot of the property including the exterior terraces whilst household appliances are connected to KNX relay circuits for optional isolation, minimising energy consumption. Technical Surveillance all fed on to the KNX bus and feature fault detection for the customer and Sagar Smart Homes for remote maintenance. Energy management was key, therefore each room of the home is monitored 24/7, switching between occupied and unoccupied modes to save energy.

A Gira Homeserver provided complete control all of the home functions such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, blind and shutter control, security, energy monitoring and more.

The project, probably one of Melbourne’s most intelligent homes was a worthy winner of the leading award and coveted trophy from the KNX Association. 

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