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Theben DALI-2 Room Solution

The Theben DALI-2 Room Solution includes presence detectors and sensors, push-button interfaces and switch actuators with HCL functionality, RGBW lighting and time-controlled functions. The programming is easily done on an app and other manufacturers' DALI-2 components can be seamlessly integrated. 

The Theben DALI-2 Room Solution can be used to improve workplace productivity, increase learning focus, and improve wellness in care environments. 

Improved workplace productivity

This DALI-2 solution can be used to create customised lighting scenarios in offices and conference rooms to improve focus or to relax - using the HCL function to imitate natural daylight and RGBW lighting for creative colour schemes. Time-controlled functions help to reduce energy consumption and a pleasant working environment.

Increased focus in classrooms and lecture halls

The HCL function and lighting groups can be used to change the lighting for different learning situations in lecture halls, classrooms and seminar rooms, enabling teachers and pupils to fully focus on teaching and learning in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, the lighting can be adjusted for classwork, presentations or group work, and the whiteboard lighting controlled via constant lighting or buttons. 

Better recovery and well-being in care homes and hospitals

With biodynamic light, the same biological effects of natural sunlight can be recreated in hospitals and other care environments, proving to boost recovery and well-being. Using the HCL function together with customised lighting scenarios and RGBW colours, users can create a lighting solution that follows a natural daylight trend to stimulate and relax patients, mimicking their biological clock timings. This lighting can help to reduce situations of unrest at nighttime and ensure that the patient's body clock returns to its usual daily routine after anaesthesia.

If you would like to discuss the Theben DALI-2 room solution or any of the Theben products, contact Ivory Egg on +61 1300 811 510 or email us at: and we will be happy to advise.


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