Product Spotlight

DALI Type 8 tune-able white light. The new era in building controls

Multipurpose spaces are commonly being built and used in modern buildings. A versatile lighting system is therefore a huge benefit. In this case the University of Technology Sydney wanted the ability to control the colour and intensity of the light to help influence the concentration and mood of the people using its recently upgraded Chancellery Room.

The aim was to start the morning fresh, the lighting a cool 4500K

Throughout the course of the day, unknowingly to the occupants the lighting was to warm down to 2700K. Leaving the occupants in a comforting and relaxing environment to finish the day.

The integrators at Urban Synergy used a KNX/DALI T8 system to control colour temperature and intensity. Through a simple touch screen interface it is possible for the University to control the lighting intensity and switching. Added benefits of this smart KNX system included the ability for the University to also monitor the DALI fittings for failures and bus shorts reducing maintenance issues and costs.

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