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Introducing the Theben KNX Mains Dimming Actuators

Ivory Egg & Theben are pleased to introduce the KNX Mains dimming actuators. In the below video, we'll look through the main product features & benefits.

Manufactured in Germany, these Mains dimming actuators face a 100% testing process. We'll explore the range in depth & learn more about Ivory Egg.


An Ivory Egg & Theben production. In this short video, Ivory Egg would like to present the Theben KNX mains dimming actuators.We'll look at the different product options & cover the main features & benefits. Theben KNX Dimmers are manufactured in Germany at the Headquarters in Haigerloch. 

A 100% testing process ensures every device of the production line that is delivered to you is of the highest quality.

The DM Range are the standard mains dimming actuators. They are available in 2, 4, or 8 channel versions. The DM 4-2 T & DM 8-2 T are the standard mains dimming actuator.

These dimmers offer a 200 watt per channel load capacity which is suitable for the majority of circuits, but if required channels can be paired to offer a capacity of up to 400 watts.

The din rail footprint of these actuators is reduced & works out at one module per channel saving a huge amount of space in control panels & offering a very competitive price per channel.

For these two actuators, the KNX bus needs to be connected & powered to allow the manual function to operate. For the DM 2 T & DM 4 T versions, there is a separate power supply for the electronics of the device.

This enables the use of the manual control when the KNX bus is not connected. This makes testing & installation easier.

With a rating of 400 watts per channel & the ability to pair channels together they offer a solution for even larger lighting loads.

Common characteristics

As is normal for Theben, every device has a manual operation including dimming, along with a function enabling permanent manual override.

This can be set in the ETS parameters. Each channel has its own individual supply, phase & neutral, so you can use separate phases for each channel.

As is common with most KNX dimmers, the load rating is per channel, not per device. Theben actuators support dimming of all common load types including LED, incandescent, low & high voltage halogen lamps & compact fluorescents.

Automatic load detection ensures the correct mode is selected, ensuring the dimming quality surpasses the requirements for high-end residential projects.

When dimming LEDs, Theben actuators can utilise the full dimming capacity for trailing edge loads, although downrating is required for leading-edge loads.

All units are designed to cope with a high inrush current seen on some LEDs & fluorescent fittings. In situations where pairing channels isn't suitable, it is also possible to use boosters to increase the capacity per channel.

This can be advantageous when you have fully allocated all channels.

Ivory Egg is one of the worlds longest running KNX distributors & training providers, with over 15 years in the industry they supply a wide range of automation solutions along with first-rate technical support to ensure you choose the best products for your project.

Ivory Egg also offers a wealth of knowledge & training resources to support integrators at every step of their KNX journey. From sales & specifications to the most advanced KNX concepts, they have proven resources to help you be at the top of your game. This is all backed with immediate stock ready for delivery to your project.

This is part of the Ivory Egg promise to you.

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