Product Spotlight

G1 upgraded with new and improved features

Overview Gira G1

Gira have released a huge update to the G1 room controller, extending its already expansive features.

General updates and changes

  • Password protection of the menu to prevent unwanted changes to settings
  • Unused functions such as DCS or Weather can be hidden
  • ETS DB file updated to support channels
  • Device reset can be triggered via the KNX bus
  • Internal intercom between G1's when used with the Door Communication System IP Gateway
  • Floor Call melody triggered via the KNX bus
  • New G1's shipped support KNX IP Secure
  • New G1's support temperature module (not available yet)
  • 6 Function folders each with 25 channels are now supported
  • 322 icons

New and updated functions

  • Press and hold
  • Trigger 
  • Relative dimming
  • RGB/RGBW colour control
  • Tuneable white colour temperature control
  • Heating function works with internal temperature module (I09 G1's only)
  • Thermostat control is now a function allowing multiple rooms to be controlled
  • Control of Air conditioning units via an interface such as intesis
  • Sauna control via KNX 
  • Value Sender
  • IP Cameras
  • Audio control via KNX objects

The Gira Project Assitant Software (GPA) is used to update the firmware and all the features are backwards compatible other than the two identified above. 

Please download the firmware (V2.0.442) from the Gira support site or get in touch with the Ivory Egg sales team if you need assitance or more information.

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