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Easily Integrate Air Conditioners into BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU with Intesis

Intesis Universal IR Interface - One Platform, Two Solutions

The Intesis IN485UNI001I000 is a Universal IR interface enables the complete and natural integration of any indoor Air Conditioning unit with an infrared receiver into Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP systems.  

It is unique! 

The Intesis Universal IR Interface is the only solution on the market that is able to integrate with any AC unit with an IR receiver!

It is also perfect for retro-fitting or bringing older projects up to a new standard, and can open opportunities for existing customers who previously wouldn't have had any option except to refit a new AC unit. Now you can make their exisiting AC unit integrate with a new or existing BMS for monitoring and control with this Intesis Interface.

Key Features of the Intesis Universal IR Interface

  • Quick configuration using the Intesis configuration MAPS tool - more information below.
  • Several of the Universal IR Interfaces can be configured within a single project.
  • Built-in room temperature sensor.
  • IR built-in receiver makes it possible to know the real status of the AC indoor unit by the BACnet or Modbus controlling device when the user is controlling the air conditioner with the manufacturer IR remote controller.
  • Auto-learn function to automatically set the IR remote controller configuration.
  • Automatic updates for both Intesis MAPS and interface’s firmware.
  • Intesis MAPS makes it easy to identify malfunctions in the installations thanks to its robust diagnostic feature.
  • Wall or desktop surface mounted.
  • Parrot mode enables you to determine the best device location for the device.
  • Power adapter for AU included.

Specific features when using it as Modbus RTU slave

  • Direct connection to Modbus RTU over EIA-485 as a slave device.
  • The same Modbus registers position for all Intesis Modbus interfaces making it easier for the integration.

Specific features when using it as BACnet slave

  • BTL mark ensures full interoperability with BACnet devices.
  • Direct connection to BACnet MS/TP over EIA-485 as a slave device.
  • Abstraction of Air Conditioning unit properties and functionalities as fixed BACnet Objects.

Setting up the Intesis Universal IR Inteface

Step 1: Download the free Intesis MAPS tool - click here to access the download 

Intesis Multi-Addressing Points Solution (MAPS) Tool

Intesis MAPS is a free Windows-based software tool that has been specifically developed to configure and monitor Intesis gateways. It gives Integrators the power to configure and monitor their systems, regardless of the protocol, for fast and straightforward commissioning of any automation project. Watch the video below for more information, or click here to learn more.

Step 2: Use the Intesis MAPS tool to configure the Universal IR Interface 

Watch the short explainer video linked below.

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